Lori Chaffin with Hawai'i Wellness Directory interviews SPHS faculty

Energy Healing

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SPHS is a school whose mission is to teach and practice love...


A time of growth,

a time of grace...

Poetry Book

Founded in 2001, Sacred Path Healing School (SPHS) is a three-year program of intensive study of spiritual awakening, processing, meditation and healing. The first year focuses on self-healing. The second and third years build upon the first one, culminating in ordination, spiritual healership and Earth stewardship. The curriculum provides the education, experience, and support necessary to become a skilled, confident, and successful energy healer. Classes are held in East O'ahu, Hawai'i.

Ruey Ryburn

Mission & Poem

Dr. Ruey Ryburn, Founder / Director

and Teacher

Meet the SPHS faculty

Sacred  Path Healing School

A poem on the process and gift of healing

Information on healing techniques

This book includes poetry woven into SPHS and is very helpful to anyone grieving and recovering from loss and trauma